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How Famous Is Chicken Rice

Updated: Feb 5

Best Chicken Rice Paya Lebar - Chicken rice is a staple dish in most Singaporeans' diet, and a fast comfort food for many.

This Hainanese - not from Hainan, but created by Hainanese chefs in Singapore - fare is an ubiquitous sight in hawker centers, and a deceptively simple dish. Read on to find out what makes this dish so well-known.

Status As National Dish

Ask any Singaporean, and they will likely agree that chicken rice is one of the top unofficial national dishes of Singapore cuisine and a local dish tourists must not miss when visiting. A part of Singapore’s rich food history, early Hainanese immigrants integrated Hainan’s 

chicken recipe with local flavours to create the Singapore rendition we now know and love.

One Every Corner

Chicken rice has become such an ordinary part of life, that any hawker center in Singapore that does not have a chicken rice store would come across as a surprise. Every neighbourhood has their go-to shop, and if you’re not fussy, you can get your fix of this aromatic dish from just around any corner. The fact that it is so common proves just how famous it is.

Everyone’s Got Their Own Style

Some require the rice to be the most fragrant part of the dish, while some place the most importance on the texture of the chicken. Others insist that the chilli sauce needs to have a certain kick, or the taste of the chicken soup is paramount.

Every singaporean has they own style to devoting this national dish, it’s no wonder the opinion on which is the best chicken rice Paya Lebar is so varied!

Worth A 15-Hour Flight?

You know a particular food is famous when the BBC writes a travel story with the header “The Dish Worth A 15-Hour Flight”. Writer David Farley visited some of the best chicken rice stores in Singapore and came to the conclusion that this unofficial national dish was worth the long flight.

The Debate On Which Is The Best

Which is the best chicken rice Paya Lebar? The debate is a never ending one, and everyone is not shy to dish out their opinion on which of the countless shops in Singapore should get the vote. You only have to search the net to see how intense this match can get, and how varied the judgments of each store can be.

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