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Types of Chicken Rice

Updated: Feb 5

Best Chicken Rice Paya Lebar - Dig into the best chicken rice Paya Lebar in Singapore. This simple dish has won the hearts of Singaporeans and tourists alike. What are the different kinds of chicken rice around?

The Original Chicken Rice

This original version requires bathing the chicken in boiling water and blanching until completely cooked. Most chefs then dunk the chicken in cold water to cool it down, and ensure it remains tender to the touch.

The stock is cooked with chicken fat, pandan leaves, ginger, fried garlic and shallots amongst other ingredients to ensure the best chicken rice Paya Lebar possible.

Go Local

Adaptations to the best chicken rice Paya Lebar include Soy Sauce Chicken Rice and Roasted Chicken Rice. Soy Sauce Chicken Rice entails braising the chicken in a soy sauce mixture so that it is sweet and savoury.

Roasted Chicken Rice is exactly as the name suggests - made by roasting the chicken. The end result is a lightly crisp texture with a lovely caramel brown that is a favourite amongst locals.

Chicken Rice Balls?

A favourite from Melaka that has made its way down to Singapore, chicken rice balls are a fun way to try the best chicken rice Paya Lebar. The rice ball’s shape has a unique history and purpose - from easy transportation by hawkers, to keeping the rice warm for longer, to easy consumption.

Singapore has its own versions, so find them and chow down!

Fusion Chicken Rice

The best chicken rice Paya Lebar sometimes is the one with the most unique ingredients. Ever heard of truffle chicken rice, chicken rice risotto or chicken rice sushi? It’s all been done before! Who would have thought that chicken rice and sushi would ever exist in the same sentence?

Best Chicken Rice Paya Lebar

Head over to Nanyang Cafe to try the famous best chicken rice in Paya Lebar. With the finest quality Hainanese and Cantonese ingredients, you can be sure you’ll be tasting the best of local cuisine.

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